Rules and Regulations

Regulations Regarding Discipline

    1. The students of the college must maintain high standard of behaviour both inside and outside the college.

    2. They should abide by the college regulations set forth in the present calendar and also by such other regulations as may be formulated from time to time by the principal. Non-compliance with any of these regulations will be dealt with by the principal seriously and his decision will be final in these matters.

    3. Irregularity in attendance, constant indifference to studies, frequent avoidance of assignments, practical records or other assignments, avoidance of test and examinations held by the College, discourtesy to the teachers, insubordination, obscenity in word or deed, moral delinquency-any of these will render a student liable to punishment by the principal and the punishment may even be so stringent as expulsion.

    4. Smoking’s, drinking any liquor, coming drunk to the college are strictly prohibited.

    5. Disorderliness of behaviour, slovenliness or indecency in regard to dress and sloppiness or scruffiness in regard to hairdo should be avoided. Pants, shirts, miniskirts, sleeveless are not allowed to girls. Jeans, T-shirts are not allowed even to boys. ‘Uniform rules’ are to be followed strictly.

    6. While the college does not hold itself responsible for a student’s conduct-outside its premises, the Principal may take congnisance of any serious misconduct outside, if it is likely to reflect badly upon the reputation of the college; he may take such action against the offender as he deems fit and proper.

    7. All college property should be handled with care. Wilful damage to or disfigurement of college property by a student will render him/her liable to severe disciplinary action.

    8. Except with the consent of the Principal obtained in the writing no student shall be a member of any club, association, society, union or other organizations not organised by the college. No student shall be a member of any political party whatsoever; or any “sena”, “Sevadal” or Sevaksangha” organized outside the college. No student shall participate in any campaign, demonstration, agitation, strike, hartal or satyagraha directed whether against the College, the Department or the Government. Any violation of this rule may lead to the erring student’s expulsion from the college.

    9. Students should not hold any meeting or function (other than conducted by the college) without permission.

    10. No student shall play in any team against the college. No student shall play in teams other than college team, except, with the consent of the Principal obtained in writing.

    11. No excursions will be conducted by the college unless specifically required by the syllabus. In the latter case it will be conducted only after duly informing the parents. Unauthorised excursions organized by the students will attract disciplinary action against the participants.

    12. After a teacher entered a lecture hall, no student shall enter it or leave it without the teacher’s permission. The students are not allowed to come out of the class after I and IV period unless the next period is meant for games/A.V/practical’s/language class etc.

    13. The students shall not loiter about the corridors when lectures are in progress in the lecture halls. If, on an occasion they have a free hour, they should retire to the reading room or to the audio-visual hall. In either place they should keep reading or writing and not keep talking.

    14. No student shall disrupt teachings, study, library and administrative work or prevent any member of the College and its staff from carrying out his/her works or do any act reasonably likely to cause disruption and prevention.

    15. The students should not bring camera, tape-recorder. Walkman, alarm watch, mobile phone, CDs. Etc., to the campus without the permission of the principal.

    16. The students are advised not to come with costly ornaments, nor to bring money in excess to their requirements to-the campus.

    17. Students should not sit and chat by the side of the causeway surrounding the playground or under the trees in the campus during the working hours.

     Regulations regarding Attendance

    1. A student who is not present in the concerned lecture hall at the beginning of each period will be marked absent for the period.

    2. If owing to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, a student is unable to apply for leave in advance, he must obtain leave retrospectively and this he must do within twenty four hours of his return to college. He shall produce a medical certificate issued by a competent authority. Leave note should be counter signed by the parent/guardian.

    3. The Dept. of Pre-University Education insists that a student should nominally attend at least 75% of the lecture and of the practical in each subject.

    4. Students attending special NCC or NSS camps or Co curricular activities during working days should inform the Principal in advance to claim attendance later on this ground. Even here, a claim can be made only if it is supported by documentary evidence. A student cannot claim attendance based on flimsy reason(excursion, voluntary work etc…)

    Regulation Regarding Examinations/Tests

    1. The college will hold periodic examinations and tests to assess the student’s progress and also their application to studies. Attendance is compulsory for all the tests and examination.

    2. The students of the first year Pre-University class will have a state level public annual examination besides a mid-term examination and two quarterly examination and 3 monthly tests their promotion to the second year is decided on the basis of their performance in all of them.

    3. The second year P.U. students will have 3 monthly tests 1 quarterly examination, mid-term exam and two preparatory exams besides their public exam.

    4. If a student who is selected for the award of any scholarship/loan scholarship/free ship/free concession stays away from college examinations/tests, he will be liable to the forfeiture of such an aid.


  • In accordance with the decision taken by the Sri Admar Mutt Education Council and the Poornaprajna Pre-University College Managing Committee, the class representatives and the office bearers of the Students’ Council are nominated and not elected in this college.

  • In accordance with the decision taken by the Poornaprajna Pre-University College Managing Committee, all the bonafide students of the college shall always carry their identity cards with them while they are in the campus. They shall show their identity cards to any member of the staff of the college including the degree College staff on demand.

  • In accordance with the decision taken by the Poornaprajna Pre-University College Managing Committee, all the students of this PU College shall come in uniform whenever they come to college campus.

  • Students are not allowed to bring Mobile phones into the college campus.


His Holiness Sri VibudheshaTheerthaSwamiji, who attained the lotus feet of lord Sri Krishna on 15th of September 2009, was well known for his unique contributions in the field of Education.


His Holiness Sri VishwapriyaTheerthaSwamiji of Sri Admar Mutt is a great visionary and a renowned scholar in philosophical doctrines. The revered Swamiji is the President of Udupi Sri Admar Mutt Education Council, Bangalore.


Sri Pradeep Kumar Hon Secretary,Poornaprajna PU College Udupi